Together we walk in beauty...

A wholehearted journey in Mindfulness, Compassion and Gratefulness Practices to plant seeds for inner & outer transformation

"With beauty before me may I walk

With beauty behind me may I walk

With beauty above me may I walk

With beauty all around me, may I walk."

“hozho naasha” translated from Navajo/Dineh language by Patricia Anne Davis (click here for the full poem)


Walk in beauty is the translation of the Navajo term for the spiritual path of celebrating the sacredness of life. Thinking and acting in a Beauty Way sheds light on how we walk, feel physically and emotionally, and how we explore our own inner wilderness in relation to everyone and all life. To walk in beauty refers to being in balance and conscious relationship with a natural way of life, cultivating the intention to deeper understand the wisdom of nature. It is about remembering the mystery that all inter-is.

Walk in beauty also means remembering the spark of light in each of us, even in midst of challenging moments in our collective human experience. „Feel the preciousness of life", Bernie Glassman said in his last Bearing Witness Retreat in Auschwitz-Birkenau in 2017. As social human beings, we are equipped to feel with the joy and the suffering of others, ourselves and life on this precious planet Earth. By experience, we also know the desire to contribute to something vaster than just ourselves. We long for meaning to be happy.

Therefore, we need each other and the energy of community. To walk in beauty together and exploring the deeper meaning of interbeing is the overarching vision and solid ground of my work, teaching mindfulness, compassion and gratefulness practices. It is a lived path towards peace.


In this phase of my life, I offer to you planting seeds and walking together on a path that is inspired by my experience as a Certified Teacher in Mindful Self-Compassion (MSC), a Certified Teacher of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and Yoga instructor (BDY/EYU, 500 hours). I work also as Certified Teacher with Mark Coleman’s "Awake in the Wild" year-long training in contemplative nature practice. I love to integrate elements of the EcoSattva training with OneEarth Sangha and Earth Holding practices from the Plumvillage Community. Trained in the Mindful Schools K12-Curriculum. Experienced in Council Practice (Zen Peace Makers) and various contemplative dialog formats (Bohm Dialog, Interpersonal Mindfulness by G. Kramer); trained in the Foundation Course “Time to Think”. Continuous trainings like "White Awake", "Cultural Healing, Restoring Kinship", based on "My Grandmother's Hands: Racialized Trauma" by Resmaa Menakem, "Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness" with David Treleaven. Trained in related MSC formats like "MSC for Healthcare", "MSC for Shame" and "Fierce Self-Compassion". Consultant and team member at Monviso Institute, Piemonte, a real-world laboratory for research, education, entrepreneurship and new living on sustainability transitions and regenerative design for a more resilient and just society; a contributor to the MOOC and CAS at ETH Zurich "Designing Resilient Regenerative Systems". An active team member in Jeremy Lent's "Deep Transformation Network". Co-founder of the Inner Development Goal (IDG) "Empathy and Compassion Hub" and official contributor to the Inner Development Goal Summit 2023 in Stockholm by co-hosting the RELATING domain space and co-facilitating in the BEING space, Un-Conference and After Glow with mindful self-compassion-based practices. Currently, teacher training in MBST,  Mindfulness-Based SustainableTransformation, by Inner Green Deal.

By career, I hold one Master of Art (MA) degree in International Cultural & Business Studies (European Studies), and one MA in Development Cooperation & NGO Management. My work builds on 15 years of previous experience in international consultancy in development cooperation as project manager and consultant in evaluation in fields like education and health, among others, mostly for the European Commission, other international agencies or national governments and NGOs. In 2008, life invited me unexpectedly to change direction, arriving closer within, leaving the consultancy work and starting to practice and learn mindfulness, meditation, yoga and (self-)compassion practices. Since then, I feel immersed into continuous exploring, learning,  teaching and training in the fields of mindfulness practices. For me, these trainings are supportive bridges into important fields like regeneration, anti-racism practices and awareness about the impact of our world views on how we live life and engage with others and our planet. I still love painting, being creative in many ways, backpack and immerse in the outdoors, as I was lucky to do plenty as a child. Playing Shakuhachi flute, handpan and dance enrich my life. And mostly, our three teens are my wise teachers.

While home base is Freiburg, Germany, I have worked and lived in France, Spain, Italy, Brazil, Peru, California, and other countries. I am fluent in German, English, Spanish, skilled in French and Italian and still keeping up basic Portuguese language skills.

Portfolio of offers

While being trained in a broad range of mindfulness-based teachings formats (mindfulness understood as heartfulness, awareness and relationality), in my experience and vision, all formats flow together and support each other on a path towards a lived “Yes to belonging” and “Peace in oneself, Peace in the World”, experiencing our interconnectedness within the mysterious web of life.

„Awake in the Wild“ Nature Meditation (AITW)
Mindful Self-Compassion (MSC)
Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)
Mindful Schools Curriculum Training
“Time to Think“
Mindful Dialog and Council Practice
Gratefulness as a spiritual practice
Hatha Yoga
Optional Formats
Inner Development Goals


Free Course

June 26, 2024

Gemeinsam durch das Jahr 2024 mit den Rhythmen der Natur – Monatliche Praxisabende zu Eco-Dharma, Achtsamem Selbstmitgefühl (MSC) und Dyadenpraxis

Free Course

July 1, 2024

Building Momentum Through Daily Practice with the "Awake in the Wild" Community

Free Course

July 3, 2024

Die Haltung "Dankbar leben" im Achtsamen Dialog miteinander erfahren und aktiv ins Wirken kommen

Free Course

July 4, 2024

Join us at the IDG "EMPATHY & COMPASSION" HUB for a monthly practice invitation - "PRESENCE"

Free Course

July 9, 2024

A time to befriend yourself in community and deepen your connection to Planet Earth and your relation to the IDGs (Inner Development Goals)

Free Course

July 20, 2024

Center for Mindful Self-Compassion Circles of Practice Presents: COMON HUMANITY - A Donation-Based 3-Hour Silent Retreat

Free Course

August 8, 2024

"Dankbares Leben ist ein Weg zum Heilwerden der Welt.“ (Br. David Steindl-Rast). Wir möchten in diesem Kurs die Haltung dankbaren Lebens und unsere Verbundenheit mit dem Leben stärken, um in uns selbst und gemeinsam aktiv eine Basis für transformative, systemische Prozesse und Grundlagen für ein friedvolleres Miteinander mitzugestalten.

Free Course

August 14, 2024

Experiencing and co-creating a field of mindful dialog and grateful living in a world-wide community

Free Course

September 9, 2024

Free, Daily, Live Self-Compassion Meditation Sessions

Free Course
Free Course

December 1, 2024

Unser Herz berühren, Frieden finden und die Seele in der Natur Andalusiens baumeln lassen

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Blog & Links

Peace in oneself, peace in the world with self-compassion - Mobilizing a movement towards the IDGs - January 24th, 2023

This Gathering focuses on Self-Compassion: What it is, how self-compassion can be cultivated as an inner resource available to us 24/7, and how self-compassion might support our work on the 23 IDG skills and qualities. Link to the recording of the session:

Circles of Practice at CMSC (Center for Mindful Self-Compassion) - Teacher presentation

The Center for Mindful Self-Compassion is proud to offer free, online Circles of Practice. There are Circles of Practice - Public Offering sessions which are open to the general public.

Igniting Self-Compassion in Africa

My idea for this grant was to involve one of the CMSC partners, the "Global Engagement Institute" for our Kenya and Vietnam “Globally Engaged MSC Intensives” (and hopefully a future one in India) and a more recent local partner "Mental Health Hub" (mHub) in South Africa. My intention for the grant was to strengthen these organizational relationships and helping build local MSC teacher capacities by sharing the grant with a local MSC Teacher in Kenya. We hope to start rolling out a larger MSC project in Africa that mostly relies on local teachers.

Designing Resilient Regenerative Systems

‍World views - From Sustainability to Regeneration. To deal with sets of environmental and social crises, we need a cultural and mental transformation. This MOOC is the first part of an interconnected series of four MOOCS which bring together science, design and transformative praxis as a fluid, intervention-based and synergistic process for addressing complex challenges. This is explored through broadening world views, reframing complexity, designing as nature, activating our minds through physical movement, and connecting with new communities.‍

NEW! Designing Resilient Regenerative Systems - Beyond Systems Thinking - ETHx RRS-02x

Welcome to the 4th live conversation event of this MOOC#2 on Resilience, with a special focus on Inner, Personal Resilience. Our guests tonight are Mirjam Luthe, mindfulness teacher at University of California at Irvine, and Lotta Adelstål, Inner Development Goals Facilitator & Coach, Stockholm. Lotta provides insights on the Inner Development Goals IDG, and Mirjam relates the science and practice of Self-Compassion to the IDG in regards to Inner Resilience. We have time for breakout rooms and then engage in a conversation around our current Module 2.4. #BeyondSystemsThinking