NEW! Designing Resilient Regenerative Systems - Beyond Systems Thinking - ETHx RRS-02x

The current Module 2.4 Resilience focuses mostly, as of methods, on looking at adaptive and innovative capacities of various types of social and social-ecological systems, based on the Adaptive Waves concept, and ways to design for transformation.

The second Designing Resilient Regenerative Systems MOOC entitled “Beyond Systems Thinking” starts 14th of November, 2022 on EdX.

Zooming into the network components of such systems, we find people. This very important but often neglected resilience facet is the inner view, to ourselves, our personal capacities to stay healthy, also mentally, as foundation to be able to creatively design as part of systems.

In this MOOC we develop a critical understanding of what systems thinking entails and how it can become a helpful habit. The view from above contains techniques to deal with complexity, to zoom out of a system for zooming in on what matters most. We learn some basics of social network analysis and how to measure and interpret structures in networks, such as for resilience. We acquire an applicable toolset on i.e. the transformative potential of resilience, which leads over to an extended look into circularity, from a circular economy to five types of circular flows. Finally, we learn about systemic innovation, how to nudge complex systems to transform, and with what tools this may be possible.


  • 1. (Critical) Systems Thinking: Develop a critical understanding of systems thinking.
  • 2. The View from Above: Acquire physical-mental practices for zooming in on what matters most.
  • 3. Resilience: How to design for transformation.
  • 4. (Social) Networks: Methods to engage people and communities.
  • 5. Circularity: Designing circular flows across systems scales.
  • 5. Systemic Innovation: How to intervene in complex systems.

Teacher-paced duration 14.11.22-29.01.23