IDG Summit 2023 - 11 – 12 Oct, 2023 - Stockholm & Online "Connecting the Dots" - Compassion practices offered by the "IDG Empathy and Compassion Hub"

Hosted by: Mirjam Luthe & Galia Tyano Ronen, IDG Empathy and
Compassion Hub In collaboration with Eva Damsgaard, Developer,
IDG Game

Whether you attend the summit with colleagues, friends or by yourself
- this space is designed for forging new connections and nurture the
fine art of RELATING to others. Embrace a sense of playfulness with the
brand-new IDG game, or immerse yourself in facilitated activities and
games to practice appreciation, connectedness, humility and caring for
ourselves and others with a self-compassionate attitude.

Guided activities: 10:45 - 11:05 Self - Compassion // 13:30-13:50
Gratefulness // 16:15-16:35 Connectedness // 18:30-18:50 Deep listening
// 20:00-20:20 Humility


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Video of 2023 IDG Summit with support "Empathy and Compassion Hub" in the RELATING and BEING spaces: