How Can the "Inner Development Goals" (IDG) Facilitate Deep Transformation?"

One way might be a roadmap to help people develop the inner capacities needed to deal with our increasingly complex set of challenges. A set of practices that could help us embrace complexity rather than reduce it to black and white caricatures. Practices built around core domains of the human experience such as Being, Thinking, Relating, Collaborating, and Acting.

The Inner Development Goals is a worldwide initiative founded in 2020 to help construct and roll out that roadmap. With 1.500 live attendees at their summit in Stockholm in October, and 450+ global hubs bringing the IDGs to life in a local setting, it's beginning to have an impact around the world.

This was a great opportunity for DTN members to encounter the IDGs—vision, strategy, and implementation—directly from those who are driving it forward. In addition, it offered the chance to have an exchange with them—and among each other—about the ways the IDGs can serve to catalyze the Deep Transformation of our civilization that we greatly need.

IDG leaders Tomas Björkman, Arielle Goodman, and Jamie Bristow helped explain some of the vision and implementation of the IDG movement. DTN members Mirjam Luthe and galia tyano ronen who are co-creators of the IDG Empathy & Compassion Hub (along with Dr. Susan Gitau(Kenya), Lotta Adelstål, and Ha Tran  (Vietnam))—helped to create a special container of deep listening and heartful connection. The IDG "Empathy & Compassion Hub" had facilitated the “Relating" and “Being” spaces during the Global IDG Summit in October 2023 in Stockholm.