Honoring all facets of life - Mother Nature Podcast

The Mother Nature podcast, hosted by an international community of mothers, inspires your motherhood journey by sharing women's circles stories, interviews with professionals, and nature connection practices.

Mother Nature is for the first teachers, creators, sustainers, nurturers.
It is for Mothers.
Mothers of children of all ages, of all races, all backgrounds, from all cultures, and mothers without children.
We are mothers to children we may have lost, or to babies who never made it earth-side.
Mothering is a manifestation of our creative energy.

In dialog, Jana and Mirjam come full circle: talking about birth and death and grace and dignity in motherhood.


- the power of sitting in circle the Beginning Anew Practice from Plum village as a family ritual
- how to be vulnerable as parents self-compassion
- the gifts of experiencing interconnectedness with nature
- the importance of honoring birth and death